Why the scavenger hunt is NOT dead

Why the Scavenger Hunt is NOT DeadAre you planning a team building activity for your employees, but struggling to come up with a great idea? Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

As important as team building activities can be, and as widespread as they are in the corporate world, they can still be very tough to plan out. For one thing, there are just so many different activities to choose from. Once you narrow down the options a little bit, it is essential that your final choice is one that all of your employees will enjoy. And, of course, you’ll want to make sure that the activity will provide real benefits (such as increasing communication, trust, and morale amongst your team members) while being both memorable and measurable.

Though I’ve heard any number of people knock scavenger hunts in recent years, the fact of the matter is that it remains one of the best corporate team building activities out there. Many people view scavenger hunts as passe, childish, or a waste of time – which isn’t the case. Scavenger hunts have evolved with the times: they are much more than pen-to-paper and a series of wacky challenges. When executed correctly, a scavenger hunt can be one of the best ways to unite your employees, improve their communication and trust, understand how they make decisions, and track results. Plus, they are a blast!

While your traditional, run-of-the-mill scavenger hunts is a great choice for team building, there is a new generation of scavenger hunts that have taken this age-old activity a step forward and added a modern twist. Here at MapDash, we like to refer to our hunt as a “scavenger hunt on steroids”. While it is based on the same principles as a traditional scavenger hunt, it also has mobile (and geo-mobile) technology and a variety of other quirks thrown into the mix.

Below are a few reasons why the scavenger hunt is decidedly NOT dead and why a MapDash scavenger hunt challenge might just be the perfect activity for your company’ s next team-building event.

  1. Both traditional scavenger hunts and MapDash get your employees outside. They serve as an effective and refreshing change of pace from the normal workday routine. They break down corporate hierarchies for the day, allowing everybody to interact (and compete) on an equal playing field. Plus, just being outdoors is so energizing!

  1. Both activities are goal-oriented. You start each activity with a clear-cut set of objectives to accomplish. This encourages healthy competition and makes the exercise more meaningful to participants. It also means that team members will have to communicate with each other in order to achieve.

  2. MapDash allows you to easily track the results of each individual team and team member that participating. Instead of just throwing everybody out into a ‘free for all’ scavenger hunt, this allows you to actually see how team members interact with eachother, and how they accomplish their goals.

  1. MapDash has a leg up on traditional scavenger hunts because it is so easily customized. You can set goals and challenges specifically based on the interests of the teams competing. You can vary the hints, goals, puzzles, and tests to really push your team members into new ways of thinking and working together.

  1. Scavenger hunts are a hoot – and they are even more fun when you use MapDash! You can compete against your friends and try your best to come out on top. In addition, MapDash challenges your brains with its puzzles and tests and tracks your progress – even including a leaderboard feature so that you can brag about your team’s success at the office later on.

While the points above showcase why the scavenger hunt (even in it’s most basic form!) is not dead, it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showcasing why scavenger hunts, and especially MapDash, are awesome. When a little new technology is sprinkled into the mix, your team building activity becomes even more entertaining and effective. Give MapDash a try at your next corporate team building event and experience it firsthand!

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