Three Mobile Apps that are affecting how we think of Team Building

mobile phoneSocial media, mobile apps, and other related technologies are quickly becoming essential parts of the daily lives of many smartphone users. At the same time, the number of smartphone users just keeps increasing. As a result of this, companies in a number of different industries are beginning to look for ways to incorporate these technologies into their businesses. One way that they are doing this is by using mobile applications for team building activities and exercises.

Mobile apps streamline the entire team building experience while blending the digital and physical world. They put a modern twist on team building – they make it new, exciting, and cutting edge. Mobile-app-based team building exercises can also make participants feel more comfortable. Additionally, some mobile apps geared towards team building can track results automatically. There is no need for someone with a pencil and a calculator to keep track of points any longer. Basically, and to get right to the heart of things, modern technology is helping team building become more effective all-around.

Though high-tech team building is still a relatively new phenomenon, there are already a handful of mobile apps available that are geared for it. Let’s take a look at three of them:


GoGame will get your employees up and moving – and out of the office. The mobile app allows you to choose from a variety of different games and exercises, each of which focuses on a different aspect of team building.

GoGame challenges your employees to use their smartphones in many different ways during the team building experience. These include taking pictures of specific objects around town and uploading information to social sharing sites. GoGame even offers a rough version of a scavenger hunt challenge. At the end of the activity, all of the team building game information is uploaded to a Facebook-like website for easy viewing.

While the team building mobile exercises offered by GoGame are undoubtedly fun, they have a couple of drawbacks: to set up a team building exercise through the company – even one solely using the mobile app – you have to hire a producer to set things up for you. Many of their most popular team building exercises even require a game administrator to be on site.

The GoGame mobile app is great for larger organizations with more money to spend on team building. However, if you’re a smaller organization or want a cheaper and less administration-intensive way to run your team building activities, then it might not be for you.


Dubbed a “scavenger hunt for the masses” GooseChase is an easy-to-use mobile app that works well for team building. It puts an up-to-date spin on scavenger hunts, a timeless team building favorite. The results are oftentimes hilarious due to the wacky nature of the specific activities involved.

Though it attempts to be one in some ways, GooseChase isn’t a true geo-mobile app. It is more of a glorified camera with social sharing capabilities. GooseChase is noticeably missing leaderboards, interaction between players, and, especially, geo-location.

GooseChase participants are sent outside to take pictures of various objects around town. The pictures are then uploaded into a database where they must be viewed and judged by one of your other employees. The main goal of a GooseChase team building activity is to be the first group to upload a pre-decided amount of photos of specific objects to the sharing site.  Unfortunately that is the limit of inter-player interaction.

Though GooseChase is little more than a standard scavenger hunt with a mobile camera, this isn’t to say that it isn’t fun – because it is. It just may not be right for companies looking for interactive elements or for systems that don’t require employee oversight.


While it’s not in the same fast-paced, ‘get-up-and-go’ category as GoGame and GooseChase, iMeet can be a very effective team building tool in the right hands. In its most basic sense, iMeet is a mobile-meeting tool that allows you to have video conferences with your employees.

In the modern day and age, more people than ever before are telecommuting to work from home. This can make it difficult for employees to form strong work relationships with each other and with management. iMeet tackles this problem by making video chat simple. It makes checking in with your work-at-home employees – and actually having a face to face chat with them – much easier.

iMeet can also make standard team meetings more exciting. Instead of holding your weekly meeting in the conference room at the office, why not encourage your employees to head to their favorite local coffee shop, grab a latte, and attend the meeting remotely through the iMeet mobile app. It will be a much-needed break from a mundane routine, yet one that is still effective and productive.

There is no doubt that iMeet is an effective business tool, but it isn’t a dedicated team building mobile app. Though its chat capabilities foster team building and help build camaraderie, it doesn’t help promote team building exercises, at least as they are normally thought of. Your best bet is to use iMeet for ‘day-to-day’ team building and find another mobile app for separate, more intensive team building events.


GoGame, GooseChase, and iMeet are all changing the way that we think about team building. Though none of them are perfect, they serve to show that mobile apps and smartphone technology can be used to develop trust, confidence, and agreement as well as increase energy and creativity in a team-based environment.

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