The Craziest Geocaches in the World

Mount Everest

Yes, that’s ol’ Mount Everest, and, yes, there is a geocache at the top..

I’m constantly amazed at just how many different geocaches there are scattered across the planet. Though the world of geocaching is still relatively small and close-knit, it seems like new caches are popping up all the time, seemingly from nowhere in many cases.

From the original stash tribute plaque to scenic caches like Big Fans to totally one-of-a-kind mysterious adventure caches like Mystery of Fontana, there are simply a lot of different geocaches out there in the world. And many of them are far from easy to reach. In fact, many, like Mystery of Fontana, include puzzles, hints, and challenges that can make them take years to find.

But some people have taken geocaching one step past Mystery of Fontana and have created even crazier and more extreme caches. A few of these are discussed below. Keep it in mind that these aren’t ‘the best geocaches’ (for some of our favourites, check out our recent blog post on a PNW Geocaching Bucket List), rather these are the caches that you’d have to be really, really brave – or just plain crazy – to attempt to complete.

International Space Station

International Space Station

By and large, the most remote of all geocaches, the cache on the International Space Station is, obviously, quite hard to reach. Left there by Richard Garriott, a private ‘space tourist,’ in 2008, the cache is located in locker #218 (notice the Travel Bug in the picture above) on the Russian segment of the space station. Currently floating (or rather, continuously falling) just about 250 miles above Earth, the International Space Station, and the cache within, move at nearly 17,000 miles per hour as they circle the Earth, fast enough to complete an orbit every 90 minutes.

The closest that most of us will probably ever get to this particular geocache is when they ISS passes over our individual hometowns once or twice every week. I use the International Space Station detector mobile app to notify me when it will pass over my hometown. It’s a pretty bright object, but the darker your surroundings, the better that you will be able to see its 15 to 60 second long pass.

Mount Everest Summit

Mount EverestAnother absolutely crazy geocache that takes a special skill set to attempt (in this case you will need to be a mountaineer instead of an astronaut), the cache located at the very tippy top of Mount Everest is incredibly hard to reach even for that ultra-rare combo of mountain climber/geocaching enthusiast.

Mount Everest, for those who don’t know, is the tallest mountain in the world, standing at 8,848 meters (or 29,029 feet) above sea level. In addition to the treacherous mountain terrain between base camp and the geocache, those who attempt the challenge will be faced with brutal winds, rapidly changing weather conditions, and, most dreadful of all, altitude sickness. Simply put, the cache on Mount Everest’s summit, also known as Earth’s Roof in geocaching circles, is one of the craziest in the world.

Registan Desert

Registan DesertSituated in the Registan desert, smack dab in the middle of Afghanistan, the Registan Desert Earth Cache, while educational in nature, is an extremely formidable challenge. Despite its location in the middle of a sandy and treacherous desert, the cache has actually been logged by a surprisingly large number of people. According to, over 35 people have visited and logged the Registan Desert cache. I guess that this makes it a little less crazy of a geocache than those on the International Space Station and on top of Mount Everest, but it still takes a mighty brave soul to find it.

The Leap

The LeapIn my opinion, The Leap is even crazier than the ISS, Everest, or Registan geocaches because it is accessible for ordinary people to reach. Located in Arizona, The Leap is such a crazy cache to log because of the immense danger involved in finding it. The hike to the cache’s general location is difficult enough: steep hills, lots of drop-offs (a number of cliffs even), gigantic boulders, thick underbrush, and just overall rugged terrain are only a few of the challenges you have to face. When you’re finally within a few feet of the cache, the true craziness begins.

Standing atop a high rock formation, The Leap geocache sits just a few feet away. However, instead of solid ground, those few feet consist of nothing but air. The Leap gets its name from the four to five foot leap that is needed to get from one side of the rock formation to the other. And misjudging your jump won’t just send you ten feet down, rather the cliffs extend a hundred feet or so above solid ground. Who knew geocaching could be such an extreme sport?

The Secret Falls of Kimbuma

Secret FallsLocated in one of the most dangerous and underdeveloped countries on Earth, it isn’t surprising that the Secret Falls of Kimbuma remains one of the world’s most inaccessible geocaches. Add in the long drive from the nearest airport, a dangerous crossing of the Wamba River, a tough hike across unforgiving jungle terrain, and the fact that few people outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo actually speak local languages, and it is easy to see why The Secret Falls of Kimbuma is such a difficult, and quite possibly crazy, geocache to attempt. This is definitely one cache that should be left to only the most seasoned and experienced of African travelers.


DeathwishThe name of this geocache says it all. Though it is apparently (I myself have never attempted it) not all too hard once you set your mind to it, working up the courage to embark on the climb is what turns most people away. Rope and climbing equipment is required to reach the top and, as you can see from the above picture, quite a bit of climbing skill is needed as well. Though this cache is doable, it is definitely crazy.

Well, There We Go!

So there is my list of the craziest geocaches in the world! Of course, there are probably other, rather less known, crazy geocaches out there, but I think the six discussed above set the ‘crazy bar’ pretty high.

What do you think? Do you think the geocaches above are pretty crazy? Have you ever attempted – or even thought about attempting – any of them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! And, remember, as always, to check out MapDash for a geo-mobile game that constantly takes geolocation challenges to new levels.

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