Some Dashing Ideas for mobile scavenger hunts

MapDash has been designed as a platform that allow amazing flexibility in how it can be used.  We’re constantly finding new ways to have fun with it, and we’d like to share some examples with you (but this is only a small sample!)

walking man

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Turn a lazy Sunday after-morn into a fun game for you and a few friends.  Stretch your legs and ease yourself into the day.  You can make the game short and sweet, and have the last clue get you to your favourite brunch spot just in time for some Green Eggs & Ham.

Pub Crawl

Friday night happy-hour at the same-old, same-old?  Why discover some new haunts, and make a game of it.  Last one to each bar buys the round.  That’ll motivate.

Tourist in your town

We’re designing pre-made MapDashes neighbourhood, all the while bringing a smile to your face and a spring to your step that you can play on your own (or with your shnookums).  They’ll be designed to help you discover your town or

Explore the Park

You might be surprised at what lurks in that park down the road.  You thought it was just filled with trees and a few ducks.  Never thought you’d find a treasure trove of garden gnomes, did you?

Romantic Date

There can be something quite intimate about sharing your favourite places with someone.  You’re putting your thoughts and creativity into leading that special someone on a tour of your secret places.  Just make sure to have it end somewhere that involves chocolate.

You tell us!

Got another idea?  Made some amazing Scavenger Hunts in the past?

Create your own on our MapDash server.  It literally can take only 10 minutes (if you’re a keener, you can take longer!)

We’d also love to here your suggestions on how to use MapDash – so let us know.

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