Google’s Ingress impacting geolocation mobile gaming

A rising tide lifts all boats

As we mentioned in this previous post, Ingress is raising broad awareness of Geo-mobile gaming in general.  These are exciting times for the geo-mobile industry, especially the multi-player geo-mobile gaming industry, since Ingress is the first foray from one of the Big Guys into this space.  And the tremors are being felt.

We can see some dramatic proof of this in the Google Play store.  Below are the download charts from just 3 geo-mobile games.  You’ll notice all three have a dramatic download spike right around Nov. 15 – the day Google’s Ingress came out (even though it’s in beta, and invite-only).  So awareness has been generated, but keeping this momentum is up to the individual app makers, and ultimately creating a quality, compelling experience for the user is the only way to achieve this.

And that’s just what we’re hell-bent on here at MapDash!

The Google Ingress effect:

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