Get outside the box (literally!) with Team Building

Don't just think outside the box - actually GET outside the box

You’re ready for your team to have the team building experience of a lifetime. But… where to start planning?

Too many organizations pander around the old axiom “thinking outside the box”, which is exactly that – an old way of thinking. How can you foster creativity, innovation or better communication if everyone on your team is always confined to the same old box: their cubicles?

Next time, actually GET your team outside their boxes. Consider the true impact of fresh air, movement, and fresh perspective when planning your next team building activity – in fact, Steve Jobs was famous for conducting many meaningful meetings while taking long walks outside.

MapDash is an amazing way for your team members to increase communication, build camaraderie, and foster their competitive spirits – and reconnect with the real world! Here’s our list of the top reasons why MapDash’s scavenger hunt-style team building activity is the way to go:

  1. It disrupts typical, routine work environments allowing you to see an immediate impact on thought processes and hierarchies.

  2. People work together in different ways, with ‘new’ teams that are both flat and non-hierarchical.

  3. It’s goal-oriented, structured, and competitive – teams will immediately be drawn to working together, under specific (but fun!) constraints.

  4. Clear, established challenges and goals mean participants will feel a sense of achievement while building camaraderie.

  5. It’s outdoors, and physical – so will raise endorphins while challenging the brain.

  6. It’s customizable, and can be themed and designed to test knowledge and expose participants to new ways of thinking.

  7. it can increase the confidence of the participants, and of the group as a whole.

  8. it’s great for getting out of the banality of everyday life; and last but not least…

  9. … it’s incredibly fun. Trust us.

Remember – team building exercises are as diverse as the teams they are meant to benefit: one size definitely doesn’t fit all! The next time you plan an activity, customize the experience to suit your team – and consider MapDash, an amazing way to sculpt your team building experience to suit your participants. Check out Vanessa Merit Nornberg (founder of Metal Mafia)’s experience with scavenger hunt-style team building here: “Team-Building Activities Are Worth It (Really)”.

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