Geocaching with Zombies?

Zombie geo hunt

Zombie? Egads!

Love geocaching? Love zombies? Love fun? Then don’t wait any longer to sign up for this year’s Geo Zombie Run Event held on Sunday October 26 from noon until eight pm. It’s the 10th annual running of the event and its sure to be better than ever before.

Though the Geo Zombie Run Event takes place just over the border in Lynden, Washington (specific coordinates: N 48° 58.638 W 122° 29.145), it is largely a Canadian endeavor. Caches are hidden all across British Columbia and Western Washington months ahead of time. There are 100 of these caches in total, each holding a special Zombie Immunity Idol.

A few of the places that you can expect to find these zombie caches (and Idols) include:

  • Vancouver
  • Seattle
  • Tacoma
  • Fraser Valley
  • Victoria
  • Nanaimo
  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Everett/Monroe
  • Skagit County/Whatcom County
  • Kelowna
  • Kamloops

Zombie Hunting PermitAs soon as you pre-register for the event, you will be sent one email per day with the coordinates to one of these idols. The first to find the cache gets to keep the idol which, when presented on the day of the event, gives you an extra punch on your Zombie Hunting Permit.

The GeoZombie Run Facebook is updated on an almost daily basis with word of who has found the newest Zombie Idols. Occasionally, a participant will share their story on the page. One that sticks out is Roxanne’s. Here are a few excerpts from her story about finding cache #25.

She starts the day sick, home from work, before checking her email:

“What!?? A GeoZombie Doll in Lakewood!?? Don’t feel great, but I have to at least try. So I’m off, quickly inputting the cords. Ah. Not my favorite park for caching. Nothing against the park, but I don’t have a great caching history here. Anyway, the prize is worth going there.”

And then things get a little bit intense as she starts her search.

“…My heart sinks as I hear other voices out in the woods. Now I’m having to bushwhack, and I didn’t bring my cane or any other kind of stick to whack at the hundreds of spider webs, and I can feel lots of the undergrowth slipping down into my shoes.”

She doesn’t back down from the competition and keeps on hunting.

 “Jeez, those cachers aren’t very helpful, besides they’re searching in an area slightly to the right of where my GPS says I’m going. OOH, do I see a log?”

And finally she finds it! Success!

 “And there, under the other side of the log is a food container, and I have found the Zombie Doll. Great Hunt.”

Though time is winding down and the GeoZombie Run Event is nearly upon us (Oct. 26, 2013), there is still plenty of time to sign up, receive the daily Idol emails, and go on an adventure of your own that’s much like Roxanne’s. Hopefully you’ll be as lucky as her!

Whether or not you’re able to outrace the competition and find a Zombie Idol, there is no doubt that the event itself will be a hoot. There will be a variety of super cool tasks to participate in on the actual day of the Geo Zombie Run. A zombie obstacle course and the chance to shoot zombies with a paintball gun are two of the snazziest. Fun puzzles to solve, mini-games on the side, and a handful of on-site caches round out the list of tasks. There is even an on-site geocaching contest where you collect clues from caches that spell out a secret code word. The more tasks that you complete during the day, the greater the chance that you’ll win one of the awesome prizes offered.

The Geo Zombie Run Event also contains a Zombie Safe Zone designed specifically for relaxation. Comfortable sitting areas, a huge game room, and zombie snacks will all be available here.

Attendance to the event is limited and spots are filling up fast. Pre-register as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on the fun! Plus, pre-registering is the only way to find out the coordinates for the Zombie Immunity Idols.

The Geo Zombie Run Event is a great way to get ready for this year’s Halloween. If you live in British Columbia or Washington State and like geocaching, then you need to check it out!

There is also a wide variety of zombie and geocaching items available in the GeoZombie Zombie Shop. Pick these up on the day of the event or order online to snag them even earlier.

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