Mobile Apps: The Latest and Greatest in Team-Building

You already know the benefits of team-building exercises for your employees: improved communication, enhanced problem solving skills, and higher morale, so I won’t get into those too deeply here. What I will get into, however, is how using current technology – namely mobile apps – for team-building can boost the experience for your employees and help build a stronger and more efficient team in the workplace.

Although team-building exercises are essential to the smooth functioning of many companies, the traditional activities are mostly outdated. They simply just don’t hold up in today’s fast-paced and tech-heavy environment. Employees are less likely to enjoy (and reap the benefits of) old-fashioned team-building exercises like tug o’ war, tossing a football around, and social board games. They want something new and exciting – something that is more intune with their personal lifestyles and the direction that most modern-day businesses are heading in…they want something techy.

That’s exactly where mobile apps fit into the team-building scheme of things. Mobile apps, for both Android and iOS, are at the cutting edge of team-building techniques. They’re an up-to-date technology that most people are familiar with. Using a mobile app for your team-building event also means that it is much easier to set up. If you use the right app, you may not need multiple people administering the event.  With MapDash, you just need one person to design the game, and the rest is taken care of!

The most effective team-building apps are location-based. These apps enable users to get outside and explore while working together. Because of this, location-based apps combine all of the benefits of standard team-building activities with fresh air and exercise. Employees – especially ones new to the area – will also have the chance to explore places that are unfamiliar to them and gain a better understanding of the local area.

With MapDash all of this fun and excitement is kicked up another notch. It is a scavenger hunt on steroids. It’s a race to the finish where the finish line can be anything that you like such as a tiny neighborhood park, your company’s old offices, or even an out-of-the-way coffee shop.

MapDash also throws riddles and puzzles into the race, further forcing players (your employees) to work together to solve them. If you can’t work together, there’s a good chance that your team isn’t going to win. Pit two (or three or four) teams against each other and watch them scoot around town (there’s an interface to observe teams in real-time). When workplace ideas are stale, whip out MapDash, and your crew will come back to the office with their creative juices flowing. When you hire new employees, a MapDash scavenger hunt might just be the thing to welcome them to the office and help them get to know everyone.

Another dimension MapDash adds to the complete team-building experience is the ability to record and report on user play statistics. After running a MapDash event, you’re able to see how well your employees worked together – or didn’t work together. This means that using MapDash for team-building creates concrete data. Unlike traditional team-building events, you won’t have to base the results of your event purely on observation and will be able to pinpoint specific problems with greater ease and accuracy.

The future of team-building revolves around integrating technologies effectively into team dynamics. Heck, even the current state of team-building does. And few things are easier, more effective, and more enjoyable than a mobile app-based game of MapDash. So if you’re struggling to find a solution for team-building, then check out MapDash more closely – there’s a good chance that you will find that it works for you.

Have you ever used a mobile app as a team-building exercise? Would you consider using one like MapDash in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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