Is MapDash available for the iPhone?

YES!  MapDash is available in the iTunes AppStore and requires iOS  version 6 or above.  However, you require a MapDash account to be able to play – please sign up here

Is MapDash available for Android?

YES!  MapDash is available in the Google AppStore.  You do require a MapDash account to play though – so sign up here.

When will I be able to get a MapDash account?

We are currently exiting from private beta, and rolling out new accounts slowly.  Please be patient – if you sign up now, you’ll get an invite soon!

Can I play by myself?

YES!  Some of the best MapDashes are designed for one player – you can take a mystery walking tour of a new part of town, or create a special Valentine’s adventure for a loved one.

Check out some other ideas here for solo MapDashes.

When will MapDash be able to…

We are constantly updating MapDash with new features and bugfixes, so it is likely that each time you play the game you will be on a more up-to date version that has newer features than on the previous version.   For a run down of new in-game features and information of what updates we have planned, please keen an eye on our blog.

If you have any suggestions for features, please leave us feedback:  info@mapdash.com

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