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Dear Interneter,

Welcome to MapDash. We created MapDash because we believe in changing how technology is used – it shouldn’t physically isolate people – from each other or from the world outside their door.

MapDash is a multiplayer scavenger-hunt-on-steroids for your mobile phone.

MapDash brings technology and fun together to reunite people with the physical world.

How to MapDash


It really is pretty darned easy to design your own game on the MapDash Game-Design Server.

Got some favourite spots that you want to challenge your friends to find? A hidden park? A bit of street art under a bridge?  A tucked-away, hole-in-the-wall pub?

You just drop a pin on the map, create a clue or riddle, choose a reward and time-limit.  It gets addictive.  Really.  (I had a hard time tearing myself away for dinner last night)


After you’ve designed your diabolically tricky quest around the ‘hood, invite someone to join you in your adventure.  It’s more fun with friends.

You can create some inventive prizes for the winner to add extra motivation.


MapDash is about getting outside.

… about remembering how fun it is to discover a new place, about doing stuff with friends that doesn’t involve sitting behind a computer, about solving a tricky riddle faster than your foes… getting to the top of the leader-board… then gloating.

It’s fun that will move you

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