• The team Scavenger Hunt for your mobile
  • What is Mapdash?

    MapDash is a scavenger hunt game that takes place in the real world and uses your smartphone to deliver clues and enable you to monitor your progress and compete with other teams.

    Design games

    Games can be created, organized and managed easily with the MapDash Game-Design server. Decide the location, create some challenges, a few tricky clues, hints, and rewards - and you're ready to go. It's almost too fun just creating the games!

    Play games

    Get outside! Explore, puzzle, and dash around, having fun with your friends. MapDash works on any modern internet-enabled smartphone that is GPS enabled, although MapDash is optimized for the latest iPhone and Android handsets.
  • Go new places - follow in others' footsteps... or blaze your own path.
    Get out there!
  • Team Building

    MapDash is the perfect team building app for your company. Cutting edge technology combined with cooperative activity, gets your employees thinking and working together.

    The easy-to-use design server allows you to customize the event to your needs, and our reporting engine provides insightful (and fun) reports on how each team did. We offer a great deal of customization - so please contact us to find out what we can do for you.
  • Map Dash was an AMAZING team building tool for our company celebration! The amazing race feel, innovative technology and ease of use was a HUGE hit!!

    Lululemon athletica inc. Celine Khakh
    Lululemon athletica inc.